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Laws and Regulations on Online Gambling

Online Gambling

Getting involved in online gambling can be exciting, but it can also be a costly endeavor. The dangers of gambling include addiction, which can lead to financial ruin. But, there are plenty of benefits to gambling online. It’s possible to bet on sports and casinos, and it’s even possible to play virtual poker.

The US Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, which had prohibited the sale of online gambling services. In 2018, the Department of Justice allowed states to legalize or decriminalize online gambling. Specifically, states can permit legal online wagering on sporting events.

The federal government has a number of laws on its books that are implicated in illegal Internet gambling. One statute is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. It includes a definition of “illegal Internet gambling,” a requirement that Internet operators use appropriate data security standards, and an age verification requirement.

Another statute is the Travel Act. It provides that a person who is traveling to another state to participate in a lottery or other lottery-like activity, or to engage in a lotteries or lotteries-like activities, must comply with local gambling laws. It’s important to note that, while travel regulations are a federal matter, there are many state-level laws that regulate gambling, including betting on horse racing.

Some states are concerned that the Internet could be used to bring illegal gambling into their jurisdictions. Twenty states allow residents to place wagers on sports events via the Internet.